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Hey, Jason:

I met you in '99 over a beer up the street from Fr. Brian's church, and I've been lurking around your blog for a couple of years. I absolutely love the jackassery, and the heart behind it. And I'm grateful for the occasional shots to the gut. That's life man, in all of its silliness and deep, dark, fucking impossible injustice. Last night, I laughed my ass off at American Idol while my baby boy's ashes sat on the shelf next to me. We're all stuck in the middle, trying to face the world without going crazy.

So thanks for the laughter and the tears, and the sanity.

el mol


thanks so much for the comment. Your words are rich with meaning at so many levels.

I will email you offline.


I'm not even sure how to respond to this post? Peculiar on so many levels. I read the post, I read the article, as I usually do. I'm even commenting, which I don't usually do. I guess I just want to stick up for the folks who keep up with the blogosphere for reasons outside of giggles and distractions. It's great to read of a brother being sensitive to those type issues, and doesn't give me a burdensome heavy heart at all. My two cents, hope it makes sense...


I echo all barker typed.

A friend recommended the documentary 'Trafficking' to me, I haven't seen it yet, but it is on the same subject as the article.


Smart - Legitimate - Permanent

Tom Davis

Dude, should I say thanks for calling me a 'brilliant jackass?!' Not sure. Let's not forget that those days in Russia were some of the most memorable of our lives. We need to do it again. In fact, you need to get your zhoppa on a plane with me to Africa ASAP. You da' man!


mike - i don't know you, but i feel like i do after i just spent over 2 hours reading your blog. my heart breaks for the loss of your son. he was (and is) precious. your daughter is adorable.


Great post, MOL. Not fun to read. Pertinent, though. People that aren't troubled by these "unseen" things that happen in the world worry me. Someone that can know that sort of thing happens and live their comfortable life without any heaviness of heart or concern is a frightening person indeed.

Wes Roberts

...thanks for the encouragement to ponder deep.

MOL Junior

i appreciate this post and can identify with your struggle to enjoy life in spite of this kind of stuff....i hope you don't receive criticism for airing your struggle

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