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MOL Junior

viva la carter. you are a breath of fresh air in my life, young man, and i love you much. now get ready for quite the hazing tomorrow night...


viva la carter
viva la MOL
Viva la guys night out

Have a good time!


i echo mol jr's sentiments. happy b-day... glad i could be there at midnight!


Where's the betting line for the E-Cohort? Since I cannot be there, so let me live vicariously. Some pre-game Jimmy the Greek odds of who goes home with the pot, or simply potted, accompanied by a Dogs Playing Poker pic. How 'bout it, MOL Man? Give it up!

Older More Mature MAA

thanks for the shoutout El MOl...Tonight might be one of the greatest nights in the History of Mankind

el mol

not overstated at all young man, you are correct

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