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MOL Junior

those comments whip my ass too - but i will not let them stop me from posting!

Matt Linebarger

Best post yet. I am glad you referenced the right link to my blog, but your link on your main page is wrong. Can you fix that? Or can I do it for $25.00? :)

el mol

junior - I was not asking you to stop posting


Flattery will get you everywhere, big boy! OK, OK, I'll get a blog going...just a high standard to live up to life in MOL Land...the happiest place on earth if you're combining Zoloft and Cialas. In cases of four-hour erections, call Guiness Book, not your doctor!

el mol

how about Guinness 4 pack!

welcome to blog world DT!

glady you are in, now stay in.

here is your next step, got to MOL Juniors blog and start a fight. that is usually how it works around here.


Just wanted to comment re. the tragedy in New Orleans...I will never make another snide comment about Texas, or Texans, for that matter... God bless them for all that the various cities there have done for the victims!

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