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Funny. I gotta take my yank.

Chris Linebarger

Who fights dirty? Have you no shame? And you even put my picture up there. Ouch! Seriously, I laughed out loud for at least a couple of minutes. Miss you at Skillman, breakfast and all around. Gone for good?

el mol

i might even show on sunday. I have had zero, yes zero sundays off in forever . . . not boycotting, just working.

notice how jeter is already cowering to your elevated and more confidant senior photo?


Best post yet. Thanks for not including me in any of that. If you wanna know who I think will win, I will have to tell you in private, in case Chris reads this.

Chris Linebarger

He's probably just terrified of my extreme whiteness. Hope to see you Sunday. If not, we need to get together sometime.


Best post in the history of blogs. MOL, you are a full fledged kook! By the way, that's a total compliment in the Mesger/Linebarger brotherhood. I'm still laughing!

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