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Carters first 'guys night' I feel like a proud mom or something...though I'm sure I would not feel so proud if I knew the 'goings on'. (or is this just the b-day celebration?) In any case, I'm happy for the youngin. :0)

And more pictures of J are needed everywhere...every time I see one I get to giggle.

to start a fire...drink some 90 proof then pee on the book and it will spontainiously cumbust...the 90 proof will also help keep you warm while you are waiting on the fire. (ummm....I haven't done this before)

el mol

I will add those instructions to the evening thank you

MOL Junior

fam, you hit the trifecta with that comment. GENIUS!

el mol

tell crump not to say anything this time!


What? there is bday party going on. I had no idea, how come nobody tells me anything.


i've already invited the stonebriar pastors to come along and check our theology for the night.


i know nothing about nothing.


oh i am TOTALLY in, thanks for the invite.
now who is going to teach me to play poker?


I'm in too, in celebration of Carter's bday!!

el mol

new location TBD . . . .


WWJD?! :)


babs was invited??

no offense, babs, but i was told that this was an exclusive guys only night.

am i being left out bc i'm the big sister??

so if we are excluded, i saw we make it a girls night out.


ok now i see that llph is going too!

this is not okay with me, mitchell. it's elitist and wrong.


oh, no kerri you need to come to. we can make little ham & cheese rolls, queso, ohhhh and i have this great recipe for sangria.

it'll be great!


I'll bring my Runaway Bride DVD. We can play it in the background for the right ambience. I hear Carter loves that movie.

el mol

Carter will be talking to only three people: himself, jose cuervo and Jesus for help.


Girls..while i do love Runaway Bride (honestly...i have a thing for julia) and I have a new found respect for Babs and have enjoyed my sisters and llph's presence for a long time now...I dont feel as though it would be advantageous to the party atmosphere to have yall along. In other words You best check yoself befo yo wreck yoself!

Boys...I will be talking to MR. Cuervo extensively I can promise that...but i will also be talking to your money as both will be spending the near future at my side.

Crump/Jalay...LOCK IT UP!

MOL Junior

i think the poker wives' night out on saturday is GENIUS - it would alleviate some pressure from me as i'm out 2 nights in a row next weekend. make it happen!!



ours will be better ANYWAY!~

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