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great picture. love it.


looks like we atill have a long way to go with species-relations in this country.

sad, really.

el mol

i love that shot too . . . jack got is square in the noggin' with that snowball

it is too bad specie relations is what it is and you can now add peta to the list of groups HURTING the cause of animals everywhere


As a vegan I have certain 'ideas' about animals, but have never gone as far a makes me sad when any extreme organization makes a bad name for others. After PETA has one of their big 'idiot demonstrations' I stay quiet about being vegan, because everyone assumes that all vegans support PETA...and I don't feel like argueing. lol...I have seen you post about your dogs and know that you must love them very much!

I had many many pets growing up including:
and even a turkey :)
I wish I could have a dog now! He/She would get lots of love.

Sean Beavers

I posted an article about PETA's recent outrageous behavior on my blog not too long ago also. Check it out.

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