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MOL Junior

Scott (from behind furrowed brow of Radiohead MOL): Interesting . . .

clyne actually plays instruments and enjoys life, so radiohead MOL's will never "get it". that's fine with me!

MOL Junior

Quiche at Bread Winners


did you see benanti there?

Jessica MOL

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Breadwinners, so good.
And Gornto's puppies are pretty much the cutest things I've ever seen. And somehow that sentence sounded really bad once I typed it. Ew.

MOL Junior

jessica likes gornto!
jessica likes gornto!

Jessica MOL

Come on, MOL Jr, who DOESN'T like Gornto? He's got a hot wife, sweet hair, and adorable dogs. And he's rocking Frisco like it's 1998. Plus he digs my Pocket PC. That's a friend for life.


She's right. Forget the adorable dogs, and wife, Gornto is hot!

el mol

Dale is HOT ! ! ! ! !

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