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MOL Junior

this literally might be the first positive story i've EVER heard coming out of the clusterfuck that is big business mergers...dinner is on you at on the border tonight!!!

el mol

- $100 - tithe cuz God gave me this money
- $900 - fix bronco
- $12 - fauss dinner tonight
= -$12

I will buy you dinner tonite fauss not because I can afford it, but because you are worth it.

viva la U2


Roger Meade

God gave ME a gun.


Wow, my lame site has a link from this blog. Amazing. I am so not worthy.

MOL Junior

i see that link, dale. but i do have a question. why does el mol have you listed as

"transgender MOL"???

is it the fanny pack pic?


can you post pictures of your scooter. does it look like my previous 2 scooters? i love the scooter. i just realized that it could be the kind of scooter that you push with your foot and not the vespa like scooter. anyways, now i drive an actual motorcycle and am known by the name "easy rider". to see a picture of me and my badass motorcycle, check out

krizia dominik

snoopy my wed is

miley cyrus

i love snoopy the king

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