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Chris Linebarger

It's pretty amazing that you put this quote from Tony on your blog: "I think that the doctrine of OS (Original Sin) is more than just a way of talking about humanity's need for JX ("Gen X short" for Jesus Christ). I think it was a way to protect a Platonic/Aristotelian metaphysical view of God." That is the kind of wacked out stuff I was referring to. Brilliant but whacked!


Mr. MOL:

I am humbled beyond words to be so honored on your highly trafficed web log. Needless to say, my nature is one of deep and abiding meekness. I am unusally pained to have a picture of myself posted on the world wide web -- especially a head shot from 4 years ago -- where the hell'd you get that? I won't argue with any of your six points, but I do wish you could have striven for seven, it being the biblical number of perfection.




He is not smarter.


what has troy ever acomplished in his life?

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