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Did you beat the OU guy into the ground? Also, Bill Gates called. He wants his liquor, his lunch money, and especially his inhaler back.


fortunately for me (the leprecon) he simply sped up and went around me. i have been kinda knee jerk this week . . emphasis on jerk.

enjoy your weekend sir.


Got me some Van Morrison, bless his soul, playing on the iPod right now. God is good and the devil is not half bad to his own, my 92 year old Mother (born and reared in Belfast) would say.


Faith and begorra man, you must stand up for ethnic injustice! Got no inhaler, no tech company, no money; just the good ole irish blood flowing through me veins. Drinks are on you and I am drinking!

el mol

word brother A . . . beer on me.


"was following me to close on my scooter."

there's an old irish proverb that goes along with this line, my grandmother, who is from maynooth told me long ago...i believe it goes,"you are a homo. cheers!"


at the risk of actually being gay, in.

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