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Steve K.

Yo, not to diminish the uber-significance of your Day on the Green gathering, but ... the best Texas beef brisket is actually here in Charlotte, North Carolina. BBQ University on PBS said so. I believe so. (I've eaten it, and it IS so!) That settles it.


i don't know steve k., personally, but i am just saying, steve, i believe el mol mentioned red would be doing the cooking...if that man bbq's brisket the way he plays guitar, then, well, consider charlotte nc's ass to be kicked....twice over.


1. I may not make it today. Graduation + party barge.

2. I wish I was coming. That brisket sounds glorious.

3. You are here: and here:

I posted a few pics after yours throughout the day, so you went into hiding.


Somehow I added an additional 0 to that last link. >:|

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