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I just can't get over the fact that you have a bald head, tucked in t-shirt, and a Lawrence Taylor earring. OH MY GOD a Lawrence Taylor earring.

I'm taking my pants off too.
You're genius for having posted this photo.



el mol

double uh . . .


Green is my favorite color. That's all the input I've got.


Two things:

1. LLPH, el MOL will be in the wilderness of Arkansas with me for 48 hours straight this May. This comment is the least of your worries. Social Reform and Astrology are among the greatest.

2. el MOL, I have absolutely nothing to say to you right now.

3. I'm adding a third point.


Mooce - what camping trip? Have you read my new book, "Ten Ways to Alienate Your Friend's Wife", it is a sequel to my best selling book, "Say Goodbye to Freedom".


I have a signed copy.
"Dear Mooce, may all your dreams come true."


it looks like someone ran out of money for their kid's birthday...they had to hand-make their signs and all they could afford for entertainment was the dude who took 7th place in the Mr. Clean Look-A-Like Contest of '95.

p.s. i remember that day and laughing my ass literally fell off. weird, i know.

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